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Enterprise Hosting as a Service

A purpose built Private Cloud solution for mission critical application hosting. Located in a world class data center that provides the utmost security and stability. With high speed connections between the User, Application, and Data tiers. And backups with customizable retention policies and disaster recovery points.

Monitored and managed by experienced infrastructure professionals using proven processes and specialized tool-sets to prevent, resolve, recover, and evolve. With Technical Support and Customer Service available from our Customer Service Desk via phone, email, or portal. Everything included in a simple, flat rate monthly service fee. Everything you need to support your application today and to keep pace with changing application requirements.

Epicor Hosting

With a large customer base of Epicor users, and an extensive network of Epicor VARs, ManageWatch has the experience and relationships to deliver comprehensive, managed Epicor hosting solutions. If you are considering Epicor or thinking about moving your existing Epicor application, please give us a call to learn more about how ManageWatch delivers enhanced value to our Epicor users.

Multi-Tier Application Hosting

Most enterprise applications have 3 moving parts, the interface for users, the application itself, and the data. Providing the infrastructure and staff to meet these requirements is expensive. Please give us a call to see how ManageWatch Application Hosting can solve these problems for you simpler, faster, and less expensively.

With ManageWatch managed Enterprise Hosting you can:
  • Reliably deliver enterprise applications to employees.
  • Simplify your LAN and lower your IT costs for application infrastructure, related systems, and support.
  • Easily deliver applications to multiple locations at less cost.
  • Increase reliability faster and cheaper than you can on premise.
  • Reduce the costs of maintaining sufficient IT skill sets on staff.
  • Provide greater privacy and control and still get the benefits of SaaS.

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