The Cloud Area Network

Not a vendor or staff change; It’s a platform replacement.

What is the CAN

Cloud Area Network is your data in the cloud; complete with access control, data security and help desk services included.  The Cloud Area Network is the latest generation of computing formed out of local area networks, wide area networks and metropolitan area networks.

The Cloud is full of service offerings for business. Each one solves defined business needs (email, file storage, CRM, VoIP, ERP, BI etc.). Most are available on a monthly basis, scale up and down to your actual use, and have short implementation timelines. You are likely already familiar with Microsoft Office 365, as one example.

The cloud area network combines with specific cloud services to meet your specific network requirements.

The Cloud Area Network enables you to do more.
Increase your security and improve your business with a better computing environment. Save money and lower cost with the Cloud.
  • Data Security
  • Business Continuity
  • Budget Efficiency and Cost Control
  • Compliance
  • Secure Mobility / BYOD
  • Integrated Service Desk
  • Mobility
  • Hiring
  • Profit
  • Virtual Office
  • Regulations

Cloud Area Network Diagram

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The Real Cost of IT Ownership


IT Challenges for Small Businesses

Complexity Outstrips Revenue

The exponentially increasing complexity of LAN components and demands drives costs up faster than revenues can support

The IT Value Gap

SMB's can't achieve the full value from their IT investments, resulting in waste and inefficiency.


Ad-Hoc Resources Don't Help

SMB management and non-IT staff aren't sufficient in themselves to achieve the company's IT vision.

Technology Overbuy

IT expenses don’t scale with business needs so SMBs are constantly overbuying resulting in capital waste and inefficiency.

FAQ's & Testimonials


Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Cloud Area Network cost?

The Cloud Area Network is priced per user on a monthly subscription basis.

Is there a setup fee?

Yes. The setup fee includes:


  • Setting up the environment
  • Migrating your company data and end user information and profiles to the Cloud Area Network
  • And any other information to SaaS services you require

Where is my data stored?

Service for the Cloud Area Network is provisioned from Microsoft Azure.

Can I get my data back?

Yes. Your data is always your data. You can retrieve your data either through physical means or data migration.


Business Continuity

“The biggest thing the cloud has provided in my opinion is business continuity. We no longer stand the risk of our old server going down due to age, fire, virus, etc. We basically had no backup and no one was monitoring the systems. Now all of those things are being handled on the back end and we are better positioned for recovery if the worst were to happen. ”

- Dennis

Vice President, Finance


"Logged in from home and so very happy to report it works so well. 🙂 ”


Senior Director

The ManageWatch Cloud Experience

“The overall cloud experience has been excellent. It has provided us the ability to increase productivity as well as the security of an “always on” platform.”

Dennis P.

VP, Finance

Peace of Mind

“ManageWatch gives us peace of mind. I don’t have to support our technology on my own “flying blind”. I love having ManageWatch deal with Dell and Network Solutions on our behalf.”

Lisa M.


MS Office 365 Migration

“One of the big factors for moving to Office 365 is the single platform used by all users. We had a smattering of MS Office versions and this stabilized it. It also allows for new users to be set up relatively quickly as well. The portability through various devices and through the portal is also an important feature.”

-Robert T.

Executive Minister

Preventing Downtime

“One of the biggest benefits we have seen since hiring ManageWatch is lots of help in learning how to resolve minor issues quickly and independently. This helps us prevent down time.”

Sharon W.


Helping Us Keep Up

“ManageWatch has been able to keep up with continuous IT changes in technology relative to our customer and supplier demands.”

Patrick M.


Never Have to Worry About the System

“The biggest benefits we received since hiring ManageWatch is never having to worry about the system and always being able to talk to someone about concerns.”

Daniel C.


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