Client Methods

From published applications to published network drive client access methods are variable.


Remote network users need a common network drive for file sharing.

ManageWatch SkyDesk

Sometimes all you need is access to an application.

VMWare Horizon VDI

The Horizon View Client is the premier virtual desktop experience from VMWare.

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Benefits of Published Network Drive

  • Electronic storage space for authorized users in a company
  • Employees know where to access information
  • Provides a central space for storing information
  • Reduces duplication of files
  • Backed up and supported by IT management

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Benefits of Published Application

  • Access to the latest applications with a consistent user experience
  • Easy, intuitive access to your desktop or applications
  • Fast, reliable, and always available access to applications

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Benefits of VMWare Horizon View

  • Deliver desktop services from your cloud
  • Enable end-user freedom and IT management and control
  • Enables organizations to do more with less

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Business Continuity

“The biggest thing the cloud has provided in my opinion is business continuity. We no longer stand the risk of our old server going down due to age, fire, virus, etc. We basically had no backup and no one was monitoring the systems. Now all of those things are being handled on the back end and we are better positioned for recovery if the worst were to happen. ”


Vice President, Finance

MS Office 365 Migration

“One of the big factors for moving to Office 365 is the single platform used by all users. We had a smattering of MS Office versions and this stabilized it. It also allows for new users to be set up relatively quickly as well. The portability through various devices and through the portal is also an important feature.”

Robert T.

Executive Minister

The ManageWatch Cloud Experience

“The overall cloud experience has been excellent. It has provided us the ability to increase productivity as well as the security of an “always on” platform.”

Dennis P.

VP, Finance

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