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Cloud Area Network

A Business Technology Ecosystem

Cloud Area Network is a term we have coined to describe the complete ecosystem of Cloud Service Providers for business. The Cloud is full of service offerings for business. Each one solves defined business needs (email, file storage, CRM, VoIP, ERP etc.). Most are available on a monthly basis, scale up and down to your actual use, and have short implementation timelines. You are likely already familiar with many of these Cloud Service Providers; Microsoft Office 365, Dropbox, and Salesforce are well known examples.

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Client Access Methods

From published applications to published network drive client access methods are variable.

Remote network users need a common network drive for file sharing.

ManageWatch SkyDesk
Sometimes all you need is access to an application.

VMWare Horizon VDI
The Horizon View Client is the premier virtual desktop experience from VMWare.

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3 Methods for Managing Your PC Budget Slideshare by ManageWatch


PCs and associated costs are some of the least tracked technology expenses. Many times PC Cost Management is simply the result of activity. We elaborate upon the 3 most popular methods for controlling those costs, pros and cons of each, how to select the right method for your company, and advice for getting the most from each method.

This article illustrates the decisions and costs associated with purchasing and replacing PCs.