The Cloud Area Network

The Cloud Area Network is your information on our systems; dedicated, secure, and optimized to you. Learn about how private cloud can free you from the risk and responsibility of IT ownership.

Business Intelligence

Dedicated ERP, CRM, or other applications are not designed to support BI requirements.
ManageWatch Business Intelligence as a Service standardizes and automates the data integrations to leverage economies of scale in order to bring the price down and value up.

Network Administration

We have seen thousands of companies and worked with many of the industry’s most successful technologies over the past 25 years.  We have found companies that are successful with in-house IT departments have a certain “IT DNA” capability, and those that don’t suffer with IT for years and seldom If ever master it.

Whatever your challenge is, chances are we have seen it, solved it, and supported it.

Business Transformation

Save money, increase security, and improve your business. The Cloud Area Network enables you to do more at a lower cost -providing all the functions to run your business.

Business Improvement

Managing your IT systems shouldn’t cost a fortune. ManageWatch offers a range of technical services. Business Improvement allows you to get the most productivity at the lowest cost.

Our Services

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Enterprise Hosting

If you want to get the technology out of business and into the cloud

Network Administration

If you want to focus on growth and not IT.

Business Intelligence

If you want data insight and analysis.

Office 365

If you want to collaborate without the complexity.

Disaster Protection

If it's worth protecting it's worth preserving.

Technical Services

On-call, On-demand, On-site.

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PCs and associated costs are some of the least tracked technology expenses. Many times PC Cost Management is the result of activity.
Discover the 3 most popular methods for:
  • Controlling costs
  • How to select the right method for your company
  • Advice for getting the most from each method
  • Pros and Cons of each method
This article illustrates the decisions and costs associated with purchasing and replacing PCs.