**SUPPORT FOR** ManageWatch - Kent Network Solutions   

Welcome to Etapmus Support

To assist the ManageWatch and Kent Network Solutions clients,
Etapmus has stepped in to assist clients in maintaining their Technology uptime..

Kurtis Kent, the original founder of Kent Network Solutions, Inc. /dba ManageWatch  founded Etapmus in 2013 to continue to expand upon the vision of delivering quality support services with a focus on Cloud computing and Voice over IP (VoIP  communications).  we know many clients are familiar with Kurtis and the depth and breadth of skills and industry experience his teams bring to the table for your behalf.

Etapmus is excited to welcome aboard the former ManageWatch and Kent Network Solutions clients to our family.


Transition Status:

As we transition you to the Etapmus Support model, you may still call and email support just like before: the phones and emails go to Etapmus , so we are here to help you.

as we work thru to onboard you into our support, we will be providing access to our full helpdesk services that includes Chat and live remote control support. We appreciate everybodies patience as we work to rapidly document and bring everybody on board.

You can also find more information about Etapmus by following the link to our main website.